My Art

Self-taught artist working in all mediums including oil, acrylic, inks, resin, working on panels, canvas, driftwood and many other materials. Inspiration taken from the Devon countryside, sea and rough natural Devon surroundings.

Styles include from abstract thought to realism working from very small pieces to large canvases and complete series.

A member, and Committee Member, of Torbay Guild of Artists.

My Art is available at our Shop in St Marychurch or from me directly,

Commissions taken please enquire

My 3D  Street Art

These art pieces are painted directly on pavements, walls and alternatively onto boards or canvas to display on walls or flooring for easier removal and storage.

These paintings can greatly differ in size from a small 1 sq m, to a large 20 sq m piece.

3D artwork also known as Anamorphosis. Anamorphic art is a 3D view on a 2D surface. This art form was first used in the Renaissance period by artists such as Leonardo de Vinci.

So what is Anamorphic art?

It is a distorted projection requiring the viewer to occupy a specific point to reconstitute the image.

Where does the word come from,

Anamorphosis is derived from the Greek prefix : ‘ana’ , meaning back or again and the word ‘morph’ , meaning shape or form.

As seen in the Herald Express and featuring in the 2019 Art Sculpture Trail at Cockington Court

Commissions taken please enquire

 What the Duck Design

A new project of mine using linocut, block print, drypoint, then hand printed on fabrics such as linen and cotton for the use of tea towels, aprons creating unique designs and finished details using an airbrush, these items can be personalized to your own design and colour choice.

‘What the duck design’ will also be producing a limited number of prints and wall hangings, using handmade paper and natural fabrics. 

What the duck design is available at our Shop in St Marychurch or from me directly please enquire

What The Duck Design - whattheduckdesign.co.uk 

 My Sculptures as a Chocolatier

Created in July 2011 my work as a chocolatier has enabled me to work on incredible projects including with Paignton Zoo, the Art Sculptures Trails at Cockington Court in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and in my own business located at 26 Fore Street, St Marychurch Precinct TQ1 4LY called Cockington Chocolate Company.

Methods used moulding and carving resulting in free standing structures and shapes, these chocolate pieces are often used for corporate events and fundraising.

I also use chocolate and coloured cocoa butter as a paint to give a high gloss and painted finish.

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