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Gold fish

3D images of goldfish are created by using acrylic and resin, painting one layer at a time. The end result is a fusion of hundreds of 2-dimensional painted resin images, layered one on top of the others, similar to the function of a 3D printer. The whole process is part painting, part sculpture. 
Traditionally, goldfish have always been very potent feng shui symbols, attracting wealth and 'all things good'. Their beautiful colour is part of Chinese folk-tale always related to stories of wealth and money.  One doesn't need to have actual goldfish to reap the benefits of this ch’i energy. Well chosen art, depicting goldfish, will do the trick!
I started to work using this technique during 2016, painting 3-D goldfish then adding resin to simulate water and the results are truly amazing.
Thank you for purchasing one of my original pieces, you are now the proud owner of this amazing art form. Each piece is totally individual and signed by me, the artist, Tony Fagan.

This is a selection of my 3D-resin work I have available for sale in the Cockington Gallery.

Gold fish

Bark, resin and acrylic - 67 x 24 x 10cm
Available £495.00 - enquire

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